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Brooklyn Chastain

How to think like a lawyer when you’re friend-zoned

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Our country is a nation of laws, and those laws are essentially a plethora of definitions. If my clients’ stories do not fit into the law as defined, it makes winning extremely difficult and often impossible.

The same, if you can believe it, is true of friendships. The laws…

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In the “To Whom” post, I noted the following:

In my experience, when a white person in America tells a black person in America to…

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Still, travel is one of the greatest joys and benefits of being alive; it is a gift and a privilege to move-about the Earth. As a lawyer who has helped many foreigners start a new life in America, I know just how life-changing having the ability to travel can be. …

And maybe you shouldn’t either

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*Eric and I met at a bus terminal in New Jersey. I was holding a red, velvety-soft stuffed elephant with bright yellow, squishy tusks. “Elle” went everywhere I went well into my twenties and I was not ashamed.

Eric stood-out almost as much as my red elephant. He had shoulder-length, perfectly rolled dreadlocks and shiny skin. He was tall and slender with the brightest, whitest teeth that gleamed in stellar contrast to his deep chocolate complexion. But I would come to learn that Eric’s outward appearance wasn’t his best attribute.

We were headed to a conference in Atlanta for college…

5 insights a top writer carried over from dating to writing

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I still am not quite certain how it happened: within just a few weeks of publishing my first article on Medium, I became a top writer. Several of my articles were also chosen for further distribution. (I think that’s called curation, right? Clearly, I am a newbie here.) Yet, this new adventure has taken a few unexpected turns. It has been a joy, and, at times, a disconcerting pain.

The irony is that when things got “sweeter” on this platform, they also became more complex – that is, complex in my mind. …

How my racist lover made me appreciate true (self) love

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I’ll never forget Jimmy . . .

We were high schoolers. He was tall and lanky, wicked smart and funny. He had a smile that melted my heart and a cute pug nose. His post-pubescent voice was deep beyond his years, and complimented his confidence.

One day, I decided to walk to Jimmy’s house to confess my adoration. I must have eaten way too much sugary cereal that morning; I still don’t have a clue what got into me. …

Opportunities to love are all around us

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As I stood next to my car to put on my jacket, I saw a man approaching in my peripheral vision.

“Hi, there. Do you have?” he said, stretching out his hand, but not completing his question. He didn’t need to; I knew what he wanted.

He was very tall, lanky, and pale. He carried a few sacks — one on each shoulder — and a jacket hanging on his…

Brooklyn Chastain

A Female Lawyer’s Writings on Love | Law | Life ~ First-generation American ~ Trained journalist ~ Pain and pleasure have been the best, most powerful teachers.

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